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I am for RAID 10, and only wish to point out that there is a difference between 10 and 01. One is a mirrored stripe, and the other is a stripped mirror.

10 is striped first and then mirrored (a mirrored stripe), and 01 is mirrored first and then stripped (a striped mirror).

01 - Striping is implemented in the lowest position, meaning from a group of drives. A stripe is formed and then two such stripes are mirrored resulting in a logical drive. (The loss of any drive makes the entire stripe invalid and the stripe is detached from the mirror pair. When the failed disk is replaced, the entire stripe must be brought up to date).

10 - Mirroring is implemented at the lowest position. A group of mirrored drives is used to create a stripe. (If a disk fails in a striped mirror layout, only the failing disk is detached, and only that portion of the volume loses redundancy. When the disk is replaced, only a portion of the volume needs to be recovered. Mirrored drives are independent units. When a disk is lost, it affects only one mirrored pair).

Compared to a mirrored-stripe, a striped-mirror offers more tolerance to disk failure. If a disk failure occurs, the recovery time is shorter for a striped-mirror layout. (Thus 10 is superior to 01).

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If these are 8 external disks, then RAID 0+1 is the best choice (IMHO) since you have both performance and redudnacy. RAID5 should only be used with SAN boxes, which use it whether you like it or not. and OS can be on RAID1 if you need redundancy... I/O on those fs is not *that* critical anyway.

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On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 12:47 AM, dave <> wrote:
> Hey all,
> If you had 8 disks in a server what would you do?  From watching this
> list I can see alot of people using RAID 5 but i'm wary of the
> performance implicatons.  (
> I was thinking maybe RAID 5 (3 disks) for the OS, software and
> backups.   RAID 10 (4 disks + 1 hot spare) for the database files.
> Any thoughts?
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