Fwd: Mirroring redo log groups or not ?

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How much control do you have over the application and what it does? Can you "fix" the app to commit less or batch commits?

Failing that, I think RAID10 for the redo logs might be a decent fix at the database/storage level, however, be cognizant of recovery in the event of potential issues with non-grouped redo...

I would recommend separate redo LUNS - something like redoa1 & redoc2 on LUN1, redoa2 and redob1 on LUN2, redob2 and redoc1 on LUN3 with the letter being the group and and the number being the member. While I understand you may not have the LUNs to do that, seems it might be prudent.

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> Its one of the top issues measured in AWR / ADDM. The problem
> corresponds to poor response time for disk as measured at the host, and at
> the SAN level.
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> Back to the OP's question.
> I think you mean "log file sync", right?
> This means a session waits for LGWR to write redo to disk after commit or
> rollback.
> It is usually due to too many commits or short transactions; you should
> commit in batch or use faster redo log disk IO.
> However, we need more information. This wait has numerous steps with even
> more implications.
> First off, what makes you think this is THE issue?
> What are the following:
> "redo write time" statistic
> "log file parallel write" waits
> Is the system otherwise busy during high numbers of this event?
> It may not be as simple as just moving the redo logs to faster disks...

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