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>I'm not sure that practicing for an exam is "nefarious". I saw my father
practice for the CPA, my girlfriend practice for the MCATs, my best friend practice for the Bar. I had a book for practicing for the SAT.
>If Oracle's testing regime is so predictable that practice tests can replicate
to 100% accuracy, then that says something about the testing. And if testing is all that's required for certification, then again, that's says something about the program.
>Other certifications outside IT require time supervised by current masters. My
wife is a LCPC, a licensed counselor; they have to spend 100 hours supervised by an existing counselor. Electricians spend YEARS under the tutelage of a master before they can even become journeymen. What's missing with IT certifications is exactly that.

Not just that. For example: who is certifying the certification? I've checked some of the OCP exams. Many have multiple choice answers, with none being right in light of the latest dba wisdom. Others have multiple choices in which at least two are correct.
None of the exams I've checkecd so far have the option to show the student what was the correct answer.
Who verifies that these exams are minimally correct and not propagating false information? Who is responsible for ensuring the results actually reflect the correct facts? Who certifies the certifiers?

We all remember the "what is dual?" question, don't we?

Nuno Souto

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