RE: windows host name length

From: Cornio, Georgette P Ms CIV USA HQDA IMCOM <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 09:54:58 -0400
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Reading some documentation  

63 is the max length for windows names, may have some problems with DNS systems  

15 is recommended for backward compatibility with Win NT  

All of our servers use 15 chars or less, some DOD standard thingy  

On Oracle, the desc for v$instance length is 64  

Our 15 char ones show perfectly well  

Georgette P Cornio    

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Subject: Re: windows host name length  

We have one called exchange-2009 I think that's our longest

2009/4/3 Arm, Mike (IS) <>

I just checked my windows box running Windows Server 2003/Oracle and the 12 character name shows up just fine in v$instance. All my redhat boxes have 6 or 7 character names.  


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Not being a Windoze admin I certainly don't know, but there is a bug in Oracle (at least through 10g) that limits the host_name in v$instance to the first 8 characters.  

Dick Goulet    

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Subject: windows host name length

We just received some new servers and the admin group is proposing a new naming convention for them. The name would be 12 characters in length. Are there any limitations on windows for the length of a server name?    

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Howard A. Latham

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