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Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 10:00:04 -0400
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Why teach a trained monkey to do the job. Because upper management is being led to believe that a full time DBA is not really required to manage their databases. That the databases and their accessories (grid control as a for instance) are so simple that the trained monkey (at a lower pay scale) can do the job. Problem is, what does the trained monkey do when he's faced with a plain old vt100 terminal & sqlplus only to fix things?  

Dick Goulet  

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because I am the only dba and not being from Krypton I sleep get ill and take holidays!

2009/4/3 Jack van Zanen <>

        Answers have been given          

        Begs the question though.....WHY ask a trained monkey to do the switchover. This looks to me like it should be scripted or a DBA task not a manual job for an operator who may make a typo while connected as SYS, and than what?                    



        2009/4/2 Howard Latham <>

                Has anyone written a guide for a non dba to do a manual dataguard switchover on Linux Oracle 11g?                 

		Howard A. Latham

	Jack van Zanen
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