database monitoring tools - what is your short list of requirements?

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 14:02:34 -0700
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The long running thread on monitoring tools has piqued my curiosity.

What would you say are the essentials for database monitoring?

Here's a list of things I consider important and track closely. These are just *monitor* items. There are several other automated jobs that run against databases, but cannot really be considered as a *monitor* type job.

  • Space available on archive log volumes - kick off a backup if % too low and delete logs
  • Is database up? - window during which paging occurs varies by database
  • Alert log - monitor for ORA-, TNS and 'crash'
  • There are monitors to check the database monitors and restart them if necessary. (The biggest problem is on Windows where a service may not start at startup)
  • dba_jobs - are any jobs stuck?
  • dba_jobs - are any jobs broken?
  • rman - check catalog to see if backups are restorable up to yesterday
  • rman - do a validate on 2 random databases ( once a month )
  • security - monitor for accounts with default password
  • security - monitor for accounts that should be locked
  • security - monitor for expiring passwords
  • storage - are any segments in danger of running out of space?
  • performance - gather response time metrics ( db perspective)

Your list is likely highly dependent on the environment: Size of IT shop, number of DBA's, size of company, etc.

If you respond to this thread, please include a little environment information if you can.

Here's ours: we are a small to medium size business, about 30 people in IT altogether, with a single Oracle DBA.

There are about 30 Oracle databases, and about a third of those are for production use by end users, with a fair amount of applications:

SAP, Oracle Apps, Agile PLM are the critical ones, along with a host of smaller apps.

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