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Manual upgrade to
HP UNIX Have any of you guys encountered this situation when running the pre upgrade script (utlu102i.sql)? (output pasted below)

The upgrade manual shows the exact output that Im getting on one database (as an example of what to expect) and then addresses it on the next page

This section displays a list of database components in the new Oracle Database 10g
release *that will be upgraded or installed when the current database is upgraded.*

My real question is, is the upgrade process going to install these "missing" features?
Or does it mean, Im supposed to install it form the companion CD?

My customer is telling me it should be installed BEFORE the upgrade.

Any experience with this?


Components: [The following database components will be upgraded or installed]


--> Oracle Catalog Views [upgrade]
--> Oracle Packages and Types [upgrade]
*--> JServer JAVA Virtual Machine [upgrade] VALID
...The 'JServer JAVA Virtual Machine' JAccelerator (NCOMP)
...is required to be installed from the 10g Companion

CD.           *           

--> Oracle XDK for Java [upgrade]
--> Oracle Java Packages [upgrade]
--> Oracle Text [upgrade]
--> Oracle XML Database [upgrade]
--> Oracle Workspace Manager [upgrade]
--> Oracle Data Mining [upgrade]
VALID *--> Oracle interMedia [upgrade] VALID ...The 'Oracle interMedia Image Accelerator' is ...required to be installed from the 10g Companion CD. * *--> Oracle Ultra Search [upgrade] VALID ... To successfully upgrade Ultra Search, install it from

... the 10g Companion CD. *

This can be interperated that Im supposed to install it from the companion cd

Page 3-6 of the upgrade manual (B14238-02) http://www.stanford.edu/dept/itss/docs/oracle/10gR2/server.102/b14238/title.htm See the pdf version

shows my situation exactly, pg 3-8 under components seems to state that the upgrade handles installing the components...

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