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Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 13:33:04 -0400
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    Outsourcing is not a good answer at all, take it from someone who has been on the other side. All I wanted to do was bill the customer for as much as possible while doing the least I could get away with. How about doing a performance analysis from the golf course? Also uptime of the database and application server were my bench marks. Didn't really matter it it took half an hour to do something small. Must be crappy code, or WAN problems. And don't even try to get into a data corruption issue. Sure I could fix it, give me 40 hours at $$$ per hour as it's "OUT of SCOPE" work. OH, I love it.  

    Bottom of the barrel, an outsourced DBA is nothing more than a pain in the backside. You get what you pay for and probably less than that. And they really have no care about your data, the real protection thereof or the code that your deploying. Their real interest is their companies GOP (Gross Operating Profit).  

    And IF I ever hear that term again, I'm going to kill someone!  

Dick Goulet  

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That's the good one!!
And what would be your advise for us, regular DBAs? To blow the consultant market with our resumes and willing to make a huge buck??

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        Offshore all of their work via the big IT consulting companies.

        This is happening to me. I'm a consultant so I'm rolling with it but it does lead to naval gazing. Maybe, I'll have to fall back to the

world's oldest profession ................... developing.




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( How do you prevent DBA burnout?          

        I know there are a lot of smart people on this list - any thoughts? I replied via my blog (more than 140 chars!)... here are my 2 cents:                    

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