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   I just wanted to thank you again for bringing this product to my attention.  I've using it on a trial basis now and I really like what I see and get from it.  One thing am unable to do is to see how long a session has been active and how long it is expected to stay active. I see such info in Insider and it is one of the steps I go through in my real-time performance troubleshooting.  

 The values for these columns have always been null and I guess based on what I've heard from the developer, this info is not readily available in oracle if it does not show as a longops.  

 Have you been able to dig this info using Lab128.  

 Thank you.      

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  I've been using lab128 for about 2 years now and it is a great product with   some limitations. It's strengths are that you can select any region of   virtually any of the main graphs and bring the active sessions that were   running at that time. Very powerful. The data is collected into files so     you can keep them and thus a baseline. No interface to an rdbms for the   data files and there is a single outfit with only a few people supporting   it. I have found it to be invaluable but have been frustrated with the   inability to print reports from the program or put the data in a database.   

  Allan Nelson   

  On Mar 4, 2009 1:46pm, "Allen, Brandon" <> wrote:
> I think the 9i OEM Performance Manager also requires a Diagnostics Pack
> license, which means it also requires Enterprise Edition - so it isn't
> cheap either. If you have those licenses though, you may still be able to
> run it against a 10g database if you login as sysdba.

> One that I did a little testing with that seemed pretty light weight,
> effective and cheap is lab128 - I'd say it's at least worth a look:


> Also, installing and running statspack snapshots is a quick, free and
    > almost real-time (depending on how quickly you run the snapshots)
> alternative that I use frequently.

> Regards,

> Brandon

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