Re: Streams configuration within schemas in a database

From: gidhin joy <>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 21:11:32 +0530
Message-ID: <>

Thank you all for the valuable inputs...

I managed to get it working as desired.

There is a simple demo on the streams configuration in same database itself in Metakink. Doc ID 784899.1.

Chen Shapira, I visited your post in blog about streams, which too was very useful.



2009/3/14 Chen Shapira <>

> Hi Gidhin and Riyaj
> > Since you have streams running already, I assume, you know how to do
> > basic setup for streams. With that, to setup streams between two schemas
> in
> > the same database, you would setup streams just like schemas between two
> > different database (i.e. loop back database link, capture, propagate and
> > apply) etc. Then add a DML handler to the table at apply process.
> I'd recommend a simpler setup which includes a capture process, one
> queue and an apply process. No need for loopback, and no need for
> propagation. Streams is complicated enough so the simpler we can
> configure it, the better.
> > CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE generic_dml_handler(in_any IN SYS.ANYDATA) IS
> Again, in interest of simplification, you can use declarative rules to
> change schema name, no need for a handler.
> I'm attaching an example, but the basic declarative rule syntax is:
> rule_name=>v_dml_rule_name,
> from_schema_name=>'HR',
> to_schema_name=>'MYHR',
> step_number=>0,
> operation=>'ADD');
> Chen Shapira

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