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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 10:13:35 -0500
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Hello everybody:

I am looking for some input on a table design (oracle Here is what I know:

  • the table will probably have several hundreds of millions of rows (I am looking for a better estimate from my customers)
  • it will store the counts per ID pre date per code for each of the ID. Something like

ID - Year - Month - Day - Code1 - Code2 - Code3 - Count

  • We will have a primary key on all the columns except for the count
  • The data will be stored for the 15 half-month periods (the Day will be either 1 or 15)
  • The data will be selected based on the ID and the users will need to get all the data
  • I will partition the table by Year/Month/Day to make purging easier.

What I wonder is whether the following design (which I do not like very much) may give a better performance:

ID - Code1 - Code2 - Code3 - Count1 - Count2 - ... Count15

Because it may potentially return less rows and therefore require less IO.

Any thoughts?

thank you

Gene Gurevich

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