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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 12:55:44 -0400
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I want to make sure I understand your meaning.

Do you mean to say that if you have a few hundred million rows that you want to total by say, oh, a hundred categories, then you would chose to return the millions of rows to the application rather than using an aggregate function and a group by to return the one hundred result rows?

That is my understanding of what you wrote. Please let me know if I got it wrong, because I'm stumped about what else you could mean, by "That's it. ..." Oh, and I definitely disagree, if that is indeed your meaning.



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My blood boils too! Been there, done that.

One of the solutions that we implemented is to move the logic of the views in the database layer (views, PL/SQL, etc.) to the application layer (Java, C++, etc.).

It depends what your school of thought is. But I believe the database should store raw data. It should guarantee contstraint and referential integrity. That's it. Any data manipulation/calculation/display should be in the application layer.


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