Re: audit_sys_operations apparently not working

From: Pete Finnigan <>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 09:23:40 +0000
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Hi Andre,

I was meaning from a point of view of consistency. I have had a number of conversations with clients of mine who are running Oracle on different platforms including Windows and they would prefer a consistent approach. I do agree with your thoughts about security of the audit trail and whilst its most likely more secure than to files as you point out there are a lot of tools that allow access to the event log and also its simple to query the event log with SQL. Its just not consistent.



Andre van Winssen wrote:
> I do not agree to that as for windows. Oracle should write to the log most
> suitable for the platform it's running on and on windows that's the event
> log. There are lots of windows event log collection tools available. When
> these are being used it's very difficult to wipe out audit trails.
> Does anyone have practical experience with the SYSLOG facility, eg on linux
> or AIX ?
> Rgds,
> Andre
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> It goes to the event viewer Jared, this is an area I would like to see some
> consistency from Oracle. I think it should go to audit_file_dest on all
> o/s's.
> cheers
> Pete
> Jared Still wrote:

>> Platform:  Windows 23k Server SP2 64bit
>> Oracle: EE
>> I have two databases for which both audit_file_dest and 
>> audit_sys_operations are set.
>> NAME                      VALUE
>> ------------------------- 
>> --------------------------------------------------
>> ---- ---- ----
>> audit_file_dest           D:\ORACLE\ORCL\102\RDBMS\AUDIT
>> Y    N    D
>> audit_sys_operations      TRUE
>> N    N    N
>> audit_trail               DB
>> N    N    N
>> 3 rows selected.
>> Yet I don't find any audit files in audit_file_dest.
>> Obvious possible problems:
>>   permissions - Local System user runs the Oracle service, and has 
>> full control of the directory
>>   full file system - it is not full, 40G free
>> Even without audit_sys_operations=true, audit logs showing logons by 
>> SYS/SYSDBA should appear in the audit_file_dest directory.
>> Checking a linux database, I find that it works as expected.
>> Before OYASR (Opening Yet Another Service Request) I thought it would 
>> be a good idea to ask here first.  For low priority issues, Oracle-L 
>> is usually faster. :)
>> So, is there something I am missing, or is it just broke on Windows?
>> I did search MetaLink^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HMy Oracle Support, but didn't 
>> find anything useful.
>> Jared Still
>> Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist


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