Re: ORA-12154 and standby

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Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 12:31:25 -0500
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Bradd and Ray

Here are the relevant parameters

log_archive_dest_1                   string
LOCATION=/opt/oracle/admin/pcrp01/arch mandatory reopen=30
log_archive_dest_2                   string      SERVICE=pcrp01c ARCH
log_archive_dest_3                   string      SERVICE=pcrp01d ARCH
log_archive_dest_state_1             string      enable
log_archive_dest_state_2             string      enable
log_archive_dest_state_3             string      enable

log_archive_config                   string

fal_client                           string
fal_server                           string

I have two standby DBs located on the same server and sharing the same oracle_home. No dataguard brokes used

thank you

Gene Gurevich

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Gene,log_archive_dest_n entries, as well as the log_archive_dest_state_n, fal_server, fal_client, log_archive_config, as well as the tnsnames.ora entries.

Is there more than one home? Are you using a dataguard broker?

Bradd Piontekis in having someone direction."

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 10:58 AM, <> wrote:   Hello:

  I have set up a standby database under oracle and everything   looked great except for a minor detail -   the archived logfiles do not get copied to the standby server. When I   look
  at the v$archive_dest view I see connect identifier specified   03-18-2009 10:47:32 pcrp01d
  for dest_ID which correspond to my standby.

  I have checked the tnsnames.ora on the primary side and it looks OK.   tnsping finds the standby; I can
  ping the host.  I have tried bouncing the listener on the standby side;   bouncind the standby DB itself
  as well as primary db, but this error keep reapearring after 5 min pause.   If tnsnames.ora is OK, what
  else could be the issue?

  thank you

  Gene Gurevich

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