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   Thanks. Yes. tnsnames.ora is there in all places and tested too. By logging in using XP sqlplus. So that is not an issue. No, it does not timeout. It does not give any error. Nothing happens after entering the user/pass and hitting OK. Thanks

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Did you put a tnsnames file in the 9i
console network/admin directory on your desktop?  Sounds like a network timeout issue.



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  I have OEM java console 9, 10g installed on windows xp. I can start it up and   go to the database connect information screen. Then after I enter the connect   information and click OK nothing happens. It does not go beyond this point. I   tried re-install of OEM. I am able to connect using sqlplus and all OK at   database/tnsnames.ora user/pass level. Can someone help with this? Thanks.. Is   there some java install I can try if simple and steps to do that? It could be   something small.  Thanks for help.     


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