RE: Cannot See Table in MS ACCESS Using Oracle HS and Database Link

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Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 08:39:50 -0400
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Nigel's guess is my guess also. You probably need to quote the ACCESS table name. If the target was SQL Server you would also likely need to identify the database and owner in the query.  

The 1305 error could indicate you have an issue with the MDAC installed on the ACCESS machine.  

This is not an exact match for your issue but I also found this
"Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in ODBC Access ODBC Driver
version 2.00.2317." (Q124322)  

You should use ACCESS to open and process the target table to make sure the sample you choose is valid and then I would look at the version of the drivers you are using. I would try to make sure the drivers were the most current available.  

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	Is there any danger that the table name is case sensitive; have
you tried selecting from "some_table"_at_MS_ACCESS_DB (or "Some_Table", or
"SOME_Table", etc etc - I calculate only 512 possible combinations for
you to try)


        Regards Nigel                           

        2009/3/17 Langston, Chris <>                           

                SQL> select count(*) from some_table_at_MS_ACCESS_DB;

                select count(*) from some_table_at_MS_ACCESS_DB


		ERROR at line 1:

		ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

		[Generic Connectivity Using ODBC][Microsoft][ODBC
Microsoft Access Driver] The

                Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query 'SOME_TABLE'.

                Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly. (SQL State: S0002;

                SQL Code: -1305)                           

                ORA-02063: preceding 2 lines from MS_ACCESS_DB                                    

                I've searched then Net, OTN and Metalink and have found lots of good information on Oracle and Access but nothing so far that addresses this specifically. One article mentioned using MS ACCESS to export/import the database into a newly created database to remove the security settings, but as stated in the constraint, I do not have MS ACCESS installed and neither does anyone else around me.                  

                Any insight or link to some documentation would be most appreciated. It's nearly 5:00 PM now (quittin' time) and I'm heading out of the office for the day so an immediate answer is not required. I'll check back first thing tomorrow morning (3/18).                                    

                Chris Langston                  

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