Re: Effect of number of extents on Oracle I/O performance

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Number of extents is irrelevant, especially with Locally Managed Tablespaces. Even in 8i I used to manage a database with huge interMedia Text indexed tables with out-of-line CLOBs. The tables and/or LOB segments had over 30,000 extents and we had subsecond response time to interMedia-type queries on the CLOBs. And that was on a Windows2k server.

With LMTs I haven't worried about extents or the "fragmentation" boogey-man in a decade.

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Re: Effect of number of extents on Oracle I/O performance

I haven't seen what you describe since about 7.3.4, perhaps you could demonstrate what you mean so that we can try it out ourselves (I have a likely 11g candidate in mind).

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In Oracle 8 and 9 we saw that at 1000 extents performance began to drop off. At 2K extents it leapt, laughing maniacally off a cliff. I know that 10g is supposed to handle much more than that without a problem. Tens or hundreds of thousands perhaps? Does anyone have experience with just what the new threshold might be? Or is the architecture such now that it is no longer a consideration?

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