Re: so ok one of the users blew out temp during production flows last night

From: Daniel Fink <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 10:13:00 -0600
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Gotta love that old Panic and Point dance...Why not just increase the temp space to 42 terabytes and kick all users out of the database? <knee jerk sarcasm>

I presume that the session who consumed the temp space was unrelated to the process. What was the session doing? If there was a statement consuming too much temp space, then tuning/rewriting is in order. It would be an opportunity to explain to someone about resource issues within a database. If the statement has been running fine and there are not any indications of changes, you might be encountering an issue where temp space is not being freed properly and/or overconsumed. I've dealt with this issue in several databases and never received a satisfactory answer from Oracle support.

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Lost Data? wrote:

> Some panic has set it in.
> One of the ideas thrown out is to boot all users (except batch flowid)
> out of the database as say 6P, or not allow login from users starting
> at 6P,
> what would be the best way (or can we) to do the above concepts.
> thanks, joe
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