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From: Nigel Thomas <>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 14:06:33 +0000
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A simple way of achieving what you want is to use round brackets to group together all the commands you need to log:

set -x

... some commands
.. some more commands
.. including sqlplus etc

) | tee mylogfile 2>&1

all the commands between the round brackets will have their stddout and stderr redirected to your log file. Note that (...) round brackets start a new shell; you could use {...} curly brackets in which case the commands are executed in the current hell

This way you can do everything you need within a single shell script (rather than having an outer script - or your own tired fingers - having to arrange the redirection for an inner script).

NB you can type multiple commands as
( command1; command2; )
all on one line - but I prefer to have
especially when the commands have lengthy options / argument lists / hereis input

HTH Regards Nigel

2009/2/28 A Joshi <>

> Hi,
> I am looking for a shell equivalent of set echo on. set -x works and
> gives the output on the screen. I am looking for a way so that it also goes
> to the LOGIFLE. So I can get the command being executed in the log. For
> example if I have :
> set -x
> sqlplus .... > $OUTFIL
> ...
> set +x


> Then I want the output to go to log file. It displays on the screen but
> does not go to log. From the log it is difficult to know which sqlplus had
> the error. I tried to put a echo before the sqlplus to know it but i have to
> update it each time so looking for a better way. Zoran and Frank helped out
> dba village and I have made progress to this point. Could not find much on
> net. Thanks

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