RE: Query-rewrite-* params: still required to use FBI's?

From: Christian Antognini <>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 09:38:51 +0100
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Excerpt of page 391 of TOP:

Up to Oracle9i Release 2 patchset, in order to create a function-based index, a user requires
the system privilege query rewrite. In addition, the query optimizer takes such an index into consideration
only when the initialization parameter query_rewrite_enabled is set to TRUE and the initialization parameter
query_rewrite_integrity is set to either trusted or stale_tolerated. As described in MetaLink
note "Bug 2799028" (2799028.8), these requirements are no longer necessary as of patchset

Chris Antognini

Troubleshooting Oracle Performance, Apress 2008

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