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Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 01:03:08 -0500
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This is, of course, all of the mojo that RMAN duplicate handles (which engenders a whole discussion about storage vs. oracle replication). We ran into a bunch of bugs with exactly this scenario with RMAN duplicate in the first version of ASM in 10gR1.

nid + the asm rename directory below should do what you want, assuming the filenames don't have any SID-based subdirectories or filenames with the SID in it.


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Presumably you're trying to do this in a less expensive way than asmcmd cp.

Unfortunately asmcmd does not appear to have an mv command, so I think the best you can do short of copying (which I presume you want to avoid) is to use mkalias.

I just checked the doc (b31107.pdf) for 11g, and it does not have an mv command listed. I can't remember having wanted to do an mv inside asm, but it seems like it should be there. I'd give it a try to see if it is there and just undocumented.

That will unfortunately leave the unwanted names in place.

nid will give you a new dbname, but I do not believe it changes file names.

Oh, wait, as long as you don't need to move system created directories:

Renaming a Directory
The RENAME DIRECTORY clause of the ALTER DISKGROUP statement enables you to rename a directory. System created directories (those containing system-generated
names) cannot be renamed.
Example: Renaming a Directory
The following statement renames a directory: ALTER DISKGROUP dgroup1 RENAME DIRECTORY '+dgroup1/mydir' TO '+dgroup1/yourdir';

<from b31107.pdf>

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Subject: Disk level cloning and ASM

Hi All,

I've got two 10gR2 databases running on ASM. One is pqprd (production), and one is pqpep (preprod).

I've recently cloned pqpep from pqprd. This was done at the storage level, by copying all of the raw devices
and presenting them to the preprod hosts. (Should have mentioned, both prod and preprod are 3-node RAC.)

My problem is, now the filename paths are of the form: +PQ_DATA_DG/pqprd/*

because they were copied from prod.

They should be:

So, is there a way to deal with this?

Do I use 'nid'? Will that take care of it? Some other method?

Any help is appreciated....




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