New Oracle Press Oracle Database 11g RMAN Backup and Recovery book is coming!!

From: Robert Freeman <>
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009 14:00:17 -0800 (PST)
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We are getting ready to fire up our the latest update to our RMAN book. This book will be for 11g and will contain the *latest* information with respect to Oracle and RMAN. What I'd like to do is solicit any feedback (private please, I don't want to load up the list) that you might have on how we can improve this book, and make it easier for you to use. Also comments about any additional content that you would like to see, clarifications you would like to see or errors that you know about.... Some things we are already looking at adding:

  1. Scripts for Win and UNIX to wrap around your RMAN operations.
  2. Latest functionality updates.
  3. A new chapter on the recovery catalog with more details on using it.
  4. A completley revamped performance chapter.

Steve, I hope this is not too off topic.... if it is, I appologize in advance....


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