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And remember to backup your ORACLE_HOME, orainventory, and database before beginning.

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Basically, you do this (standard upgrade methodology):

  1. Shutdown everything in the OH you want to upgrade.
  2. Install the patchset.
  3. Startup upgrade
  4. run catupgrd.sql
  5. shutdown immediate/startup
  6. Run utlrp.sql
  7. Done.

The biggest problem I had was the undo setting. I had the undo retention set too high, and I ran out of undo tablespace, and everything froze waiting for my undo retention time to elapse. On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 7:37 AM, Zelli, Brian <<>> wrote: I've sifted thru the metalink note 553812.1 and then it pointed me to 550739.1 which then points me to another couple of notes. Is there someone who went thru this and can just give me the freakin cliff notes on it? I tired to follow the scripts but it keeps getting confusing.


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Zelli, Brian wrote,on my timestamp of 24/02/2009 6:57 AM:
> HP UX Itanium 64 bit. I want to upgrade from to
> Can I do this straight or do I have to move thru versions? Also I
> keep seeing something about timezone 4. My version has timezone 2.
> What's the deal with this?

If you've run for any appreciable length of time, then likely the time columns in the scheduler package are stuffed up when you upgrade to<>. There is a note on Metalink about this and which script you need to run to fix the problem. It is not included in the upgrade, so if the scheduler jobs stop working you know what the problem is anyway. The<> upgrade involves a step that upgrades the dictionary as well, so no turning back the clock once done: take a backup before, just in case.
Yes, it is a single step upgrade.

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