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We have using for over 6 months with no issues. Pretty stable. There is one db throwing this 3137 error, however with no impact. We use this release for tablespace encryption and the total recall feature.

Can you please share how is this error effecting you?

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Hi Chandra,

Chandra Pabba schrieb:
> I just wanted to check to see if anyone out there have implemented
> Oracle11g in production yet and what the feedback is. I did a search
> but couldn’t find this information.

One of our customers runs on AIX53L 64bit for a while now, it seems to be rather stable. But in combination with Oracle JDBC (of Version 11g and 10g) it seems to be buggy in somne way, ORA-03137: TTC PROTOCOL INTERNAL ERROR : [12333] will make an update to mandatory in the next days. Oracle Support does not know the reason, but reports are that it's fixed in .7

In my special case, ADDM advisor tasks have been affected as well.

Martin Klier

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