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From: Bill Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 08:11:45 -0700
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I haven't used Pro*FORTRAN in about 10 years, but at that time, it was a separately purchased product.

Off track a bit, at the time I was running Oracle on HP-UX and Pro*FORTRAN was a major headache. With every new release of HP-UX and/or Oracle, I had to recompile both Oracle (since we had some user exits) and of course all of the Fortran code. This usually took me several months at a minimum, since the library files changed either the location or the filename, and I had to constantly do massive research trying to track everything down to what the new name/location was (sometimes Oracle changed the name/location, sometime HP did).

To make things worse, back with Oracle 6, I discovered a bug in Pro*FORTRAN and reported it to Oracle Support, which verified the bug and subsequently came out with a patch for me. About a year later, Oracle released version 7, and I had to get the newer version of Pro*FORTRAN. After finally getting everything recompiled, I discovered that the new version of Oracle/Pro*Fortran had the exact same bug that they fixed for me in version 6, and I had to wait another 2 months for them to port the bug fix over to version 7.

-- Bill Ferguson

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> I have been tasked to replicate an alpha server with openvms on to a I64 integrity. I need to acquire pro*fortran to install on the integrity server. Do I need to buy the full enterprise oracle in order to get it?
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