DBMS_REFRESH and Redo-Logging

From: <Jan-Hendrik.Boll_at_dataport.de>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 13:06:11 +0100
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Hi folks,  

i've got a mv created with nologging-clause on 10204. This view is regularly refreshed completly using dbms_refresh.refresh. During the refresh a plenty of archive-logs are generated, flooding our archive-destination.
As result oracle deactivates the full destionation forcing the database to halt.  

ARCH: Archival stopped, error occurred. Will continue retrying ORACLE Instance dada - Archival Error
ORA-16014: log 1 sequence# 49531 not archived, no available destinations After that the archiver is pausing for 2 or 3 minutes.  

As i know that there is no way to prevent redo-log generation, do you know a workaround for such a scenario? Expect increasing file-systemspace and deactivating archivelog mode. :-) And secondly: how am i able to prevent oracle from waiting for the archiver. Is there any way to reenable the deacitvated archive_destionations?  

regards, jan

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