RE: deadlock trace file in weblogic environment

From: Yong Huang <>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 10:34:04 -0800 (PST)
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I find that at least the cvt | held mode part is not right; it's always 5. For instance,

Global Wait-For-Graph(WFG) at ddTS[0.5] :

BLOCKED 0xd933e9a0 5 wq 2 cvtops x1 [0x70011][0x5c8f3],[TX] [34000-0001-0000522D] 0
BLOCKER 0xd933e850 5 wq 1 cvtops x8 [0x70011][0x5c8f3],[TX] [5C000-0001-00000575] 0
BLOCKED 0xd933ec58 5 wq 2 cvtops x1 [0x180017][0x3935f],[TX] [5C000-0001-00000575] 0
BLOCKER 0xd933eaf0 5 wq 1 cvtops x8 [0x180017][0x3935f],[TX] [34000-0001-0000522D] 0

It was the simplest ORA-60 deadlock created on RAC (Oracle Both sessions were in the first instance. Of all RAC deadlock graphs I've seen, mode is always 5. But other pieces of info may be correct.

Hrishy, are you saying you see a lot of lines in alert.log reporting deadlocks but the trace files on filesystem are not found (except one)? If they're removed by somebody or DBA's cron job, just read it from /proc (on most UNIXes/Linux). For instance, on my Linux box, alert.log says /home/oracle/oracle/product/10.2.0/db/admin/riscs1/bdump/riscs11_lmd0_1295.trc has the deadlock trace, but ls says No such file or directory. So I did:

$ ls -l /proc/1295/fd | grep l-wx------ 1 oracle oinstall 64 Feb 13 11:46 2 -> /home/oracle/oracle/archive/riscs1/bdump/20081201/riscs11_lmd0_1295.trc $ vi /proc/1295/fd/2

Obviously, if process 1295 exited, you wouldn't have this luck. But my 1295 is LMD so it won't exit until instance shutdown.

Yong Huang

> The wait-for-graph columns are:
> <BLOCKED|BLOCKER> <lockp> <cvt|held mode> <res name> <did|pid|txn_id> <node>
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>> There are 100's of messages in the alert log saying a deadlock occured but 
>> there is only one trace file why is this ?
>> The trace files gets appended with the error messages for the dead lock.

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