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so it is just my imagination or does any else remember (the old days, of i think either v6 or 7 of oracle), when if you did a large transaction and decided to rollback and it was quick and a commit took a while, but then oracle did a switch since the majority of the time the commit was what happened and it was now quick and the rollback took time to complete, or did i just dream that whole thing up?


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RE: ** commit or rollback - diff
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From that point of view I do believe they are equal.  

Dick Goulet  

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   Thanks. Yes, I see that from safety point of view. From performance point of view and resource consumption : which is faster? Or does it make no diff? I know commit is expensive operation : however : is that only if there are changes. Thanks

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Rollback is safer just incase you did a DML transaction without knowing it like inside a procedure.  

Dick Goulet  

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    If I have not done a dml transaction in a session : no update, delete or insert etc. I have only done select and some of the objects can be over a db link. So I can do a commit or rollback so that no transaction is pending in my session. My question is : is there any difference in such case between the behaviour of commit and rollback. When there is no data as such to commit or rollback. I am thinking it is better to do rollback since it has to do less. Am I wrong. Any observation. Thanks for help. Thanks

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