RE: Oracle on Windows question

From: M Rafiq <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 10:36:46 -0500
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Please try to set all three parameters and try again.  

set LOCAL= (check alis in tnsnames.ora file) set ORACLE_HOME=  

It appears to be permission issue as well while try to writing to listener.log file. Is the same user id starting other databases as well?  


Subject: Oracle on Windows questionDate: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 16:42:05 -0500From: JJReimer_at_coopertire.comTo: We have a problem connecting to a database that we have not seen before, and I am wondering if any else has encountered it. OS: Windows2003 32-bit Database Version: Only one Oracle Home on the box There are six databases running on this server. We can connect to five of them just fine. When setting ORACLE_SID to the problem SID, and trying "Connect sys as sysdba" we get "ORA-12546: TNS:permission denied" When we do "Connect sys_at_sidname as sysdba" it connects fine. Why would one database have a problem when the others all work?

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