RE: Table belongs to Original tablespace after export with DataPump

From: Vishal Gupta <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 16:49:45 -0000
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You can use both remap_schema and remap_tablespace in the same command. We have a batch which uses this on a daily basis.  

Vishal Gupta

From: on behalf of Niall Litchfield Sent: Fri 30/01/2009 09:30
Subject: Re: Table belongs to Original tablespace after export with DataPump

Hi i'd take a look at the docs. I suspect that you can't use both remap options in the same command. Though clearly that's a fairly obvious use case.

On 1/29/09, Amir Gheibi <> wrote:
> Hi listers,
> I have a 10g DB on HP-UX. I used data pump to make a copy of one of the
> tablespaces. So I exported from one and imported into another one:
> $ expdp user1/pass1 schemas=user1 directory=dump_dir
> dumpfile=exp.dmp logfile=expLog.log
> $ impdp user2/pass2 directory=dump_dir dumpfile=exp.dmp
> logfile=impLog.log REMAP_SCHEMA=user1:user2
> REMAP_TABLESPACE=tblspc1:tblspc2
> User1's default tablespace is tblspc1 and User2's default tablespace is
> tblspc2.
> What happens is that the "tablespace" property of the imported tables owned
> by "User2" don't change as they are just pointing back to the original
> tables in "tblspc1". Are'nt the imported tables supposed to be copied to the
> destination tablespace?
> I logged in as "User2" and ran:
> $ select table_name, tablespace_name from user_tables where table_name =
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> MYTBL tblspc1
> Shouldn't the tablespace_name be "tblspc2"? I thought the data pump creates
> the table in the destination tablespace and then import the data into it.
> How should I prevent that problem at the import time?
> Regards,
> Amir Gheibi

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