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From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2009 15:01:04 +1100
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Dan Norris wrote,on my timestamp of 8/02/2009 11:31 AM:

> ask was why you'd avoid 11g R1 (it has been available for 18 months
> now); your reply looked like you thought I meant 10g R2. In the past

How long a major release of Oracle has been out means absolutely nothing in what regards stability and is no argument to support it. Witness how many patch releases 11g has had in those 18 months: 7, and counting.

> well. I'm not sure what Oracle can offer for 11g production customer
> numbers or percentages. I'd guess just based on my unscientific,
> heresay-based discussions that there probably about 25% 9.2, 60% 10g R2,
> and 10% 11g (the rest are probably older or 10g R1). I have no sources
> for my guesstimates, just my guess. I'd love to hear everyone else's
> guesses!

At one of the last Oracle functions here, 3% were on 11g production, 30% on 10gr2 and the rest spread between 9 to 7, various sub-releases.

Of course, installing 11g does not mean one runs production on it.

The simple fact that neither Hyperion, nor Peoplesoft or JDE support 11g yet says a lot: they are all Oracle sub-products. SAP, same. And just about most of the third party applications out there. That says a lot about the level of confidence 11g inspires.

> I think that most of the 11g issues that are likely to impact most
> customers have been found and patched by now. I also expect that 11g R2
> will introduce some big new features. New features also usually bring
> along their share of issues too--that's the cost of innovation as I see it.

Bingo. And for as long as that continues, you'll see a lot of the distribution I mentioned above, where the latest version gets less than 5% use because everyone knows the blessed things are as buggy as they can get and Oracle doesn't give a hoot about releasing a stable version.

Heck: you need to get stable support for ASSM which has been out since 8i and even then you MUST still install a patch, and you want folks to merrily upgrade to 11g? Yeah, right: like, it's gonna happen...

> If I were deploying a system today, I'd absolutely use 11g R1. But I
> suspect that's just me...not everyone would agree.

I think so...

Nuno Souto
in sunny Sydney, Australia
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