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Another common fix for RMAN performance problems is to run execute dbms_stats.gather_fixed_object_stats  

This helps for RMAN performance problems, Export performance problems and some Data Pump performance problems. The cause is poor execution plans when using the CBO.  

I think if you are looking at OEM or AWR, you wind up seeing a lot of SQL statements with excessive cpu and high CBO cost that reference views v$hist_head and/or v$obj ( I am saying this from memory). Setting optimizer_mode=RULE addresses the same issue.  

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You may want to search the Oracle-L archives at for RMAN performance problems.

This has appeared fairly frequently of late.

One of the posts lists a MetaLink note that is actually a master list pointing to other notes, all relating to RMAN performance problems.

BTW, the 'fix' for many RMAN performance problems:

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Thanks for reading this email & Thanks in Advance for your help.  

We are facing performance issue when trying to restore archive log files using RMAN catalog.  


Oracle Database: 10g ( RAC

Database Size: ~350 GB

Archive Log Files per day: ~30 - 45

Archive Log File Size: 200MB

NetBackup: 6.5

Backups: RMAN to VTL (Weekly Full, Daily Incremental)  

We restored 350 GB of database using RMAN catalog and it took around 6 Hrs which is very good. Most of the datafile sizes are around 30GB and some of the files are couple of GB.  

When we try to restore archive log (200MB) files using RMAN Catalog and it is taking approximately 15 Minutes for each file. If we bypass RMAN catalog by using backup information from controlfile, it takes approximately 2.5 Minutes to restore each archive log file. After working with backup team, we found out that approximately 12 Minutes time was spent for the hand shake between RMAN Catalog and Netbackup catalog.  

Did anyone of you have seen similar situation and what might be the problem? Have you done any kind of database maintenance work for RMAN repository database to improve performance?  



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