RE: archive logs are not getting transferred to standby

From: Klonicki, Stephen A <>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 14:26:52 -0500
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On production, please run the following from sqlplus: select dest_id, status, error from v$archive_dest;

Let's make sure production is trying to send the logs, and if so, is it able to send the logs to the standby.

From: [] On Behalf Of nilesh kumar Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 2:17 PM
Subject: archive logs are not getting transferred to standby

Hello All,

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I have a issue with the dataguard,

The logs are not gettitng transferred in the Standby database from the primary.

The screen shot of STDBY database is as below.

SQL> show parameter log_archive_dest_1;

NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
log_archive_dest_1 string LOCATION=D:\oracle\product\10. 2.0\flash_recovery_area\stdby\ ARCHIVELOG VALID_FOR=(ALL_LOGF ILES,ALL_ROLES) DB_UNIQUE_NAME =STDBY log_archive_dest_10 string
SQL> show parameter log_archive_dest_2;
NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
log_archive_dest_2 string SERVICE=orcl1 LGWR ASYNC VALID _FOR=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,PRIMARY_ ROLE) DB_UNIQUE_NAME=orcl1 =============================================================================

how do I solve this problem ? I am using this for the first time. Even after doing the "alter system switch logfile"; I do not see any logs that are transferred to the standby.

How should i solve this problem...


Nilesh Soni
Oracle DBA--OCA 10g
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