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Thanks for posting back. This is the type of thing I'd like to see others do, to bring closure to posted issues..  

This is a great back pocket reference fix I am sure will come up again and maybe even again and again..      

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I thought I'd post back an update on this, and yep blog it as well.  

Nuno looks to be correct that this was a lob that was subject to updates. The fact that this table turned out to have files with .mov, .mpg and .avi extensions as well as .htm was a wee bit interesting too.  

anyway, export/import did not resolve the issue when more space was procured. This confirmed to me that the issue was with corrupt data - in addition dbv showed that  

  1. there was only one page affected "in flux"
  2. it was different from the block pre drop/recreate

I then took a block dump of the affected block and got a row listing including just a single row from my table back. There was an update transaction in the ITL slots as well, pretty much along with Nuno's comments about updates on his blog. I then determined which row we were talking about, deleted the row, and took a second block dump of the same block to confirm that it was now empty of data. finally I reran dbv again and this time the file came up clean.  

thanks for all the kind suggestions - it's a shame that this database is not 10g and block checking & recovery is unavailable.  


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Niall Litchfield wrote,on my timestamp of 5/02/2009 2:04 AM:  

   I'm pretty much out of (cheap) ideas for dealing with this    corruption right now, so would welcome some.  

What is the output of this:

select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('TABLE','<table_name>') from dual;

Also, some ideas on what to look for and where things are, here:


Nuno Souto
in sunny Sydney, Australia


Niall Litchfield
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