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Nope, checked through all of that and it looks good to go :-)  

Thanks everyone for your comments and sage advice.

From: Goulet, Richard [] Sent: 06 February 2009 14:40
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Have to agree with Niall on that. If the procedure catches the error internally and forgets it then your screwed no matter what you try to do. Course you did say you could not re-invent the wheel here, just adapt. So your at the mercy of the duhveloper who may or may not have simply left error handling to someone else too. Think of the number of PL/SQL packages that don't include the exception handler at all.  

Dick Goulet

"Often it's not the Boat that needs overhauling, but the Skipper" Unknown

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watchout for procedures that already 'handle' errors, esepcially those that handle them with "when others then null" a.k.a "forget anything happened, move along, these are not your errors" . You wouldn't think pl/sql developers used vb practices, but they do.  


On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 9:41 PM, Robertson Lee - lerobe <> wrote:

        Woo Hoo !!!!!!          

        Thanks a bunch, that does exactly what I am after          

        Virtual beer on its way mate !!                    

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	    It may be possible, but then it could also backfire so trail
is necessary, but you could try:          
	set serverout on size unlimited
	   when others then dbms_output.put_line(sqlerrm);
	This should allow the procedures to run one at a time in serial,
but if an error occurs the pl/sql block will catch it, report the error, and then exit back to sqlplus gracefully.          

        Dick Goulet          

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	Subject: PL/SQL beginner
	Oracle 10gR2
	AIX 6
	Within a SQL*Plus script I have a number of calls to PL/SQL

        I want to, on failure of any of the PL/SQL scripts, drop back to the calling SQL*Plus script and on return not go any further...i.e do not call any of the other Stored Procs in the SQL*PLus script.          

        Ideally I would also like to report back to the calling SQL*Plus script the errors from the failed PL/SQL.          

        I cannot re-engineer, I just need to make what is already there work if it is at all possible.          

        Any suggestions after you have all stopped laughing ?? !!!          

        Regards and TIA          



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