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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 08:45:23 -0000
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	One thing to keep in mind with different block size is that you would 
	also need to allocate two different buffer cache in sga. One for 
	default db block size and one each for every non database default db 
	block size. And non default block size buffer can not be automatically 
	managed by asmm. You might waste sga this way. So different block size 
	is not advisable.
	Vishal Gupta
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> Good day,
> We're jumping into the wonderfull world of Oracle Business
> Intelligence with HR Analytics.
> It looks like we'll be creating an OLAP type of database where
> Oracle recommends
> large block sizes. The database will also contain some metadata for
> the Informatica Configuration
> and HR Analytics portion.
> If I'm looking at larger block sizes and am wondering if I should be
> creating the database with
> a large block size or should I be looking at creating tablespaces
> with larger block sizes
> and leaving the db with a standard 8k size.
> Does anyone have an opion either way?
> Thanks
> Steve
> Our config will look like this
> OEL 64 bit
> Oracle
> OBI (Hr Analytics)
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