Re: backup and recovery interview questions?

From: Tony Adolph <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 11:20:31 +1300
Message-ID: <>

How about some example problems:

How do you recover from a lost/corrupt SYSTEM / UNDO / other datafile. Or online redo log.

What are your option if during a recovery you find that you have a missing / corrupt archived redo log.

After all, its all well and good good knowing the theory, but its getting the DB backup with no / minimal data loss and asap (or within SLA) that's important.

I've often thought it might be an idea to give your candidate a "broken" DB to fix. VMware (or similar) would be ideal - you could give all your interviewees that exact same scenario to fix... and see how they get on.

Maybe a bit nasty, but you'll weed out a few with "nice" CVs with nothing behind them!

Just a few ideas while I'm not in a great mood :-)


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