Convert 2-node RAC to single instance

From: Tony Sequeira <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 19:09:42 +0000
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Oracle EE - I know
Win 2003 Server SE SP1

I've been asked to look at converting the the 2 node RAC, to a single instance database, running on node 1 of the old RAC system. SAN hardware getting old, replacement and spares difficult to find. There must be a fall back to the original RAC DB if performance suffers.

My initial thoughts are to clone the database onto a new instance, and change the global tnsnames.ora, so the client application will not notice the difference.

However, there is a dataguard standby, which will also be impacted, which will need to some kind of action, whatever is done (I believe).

Anyone got better, brighter ideas? Or can even point out something I have forgotten, or don't know about.

This is at the ideas stage right now. Should be pretty straightforward, right?


S. Anthony Sequeira

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