RE: Weird connectivity problem.

From: Michael Fontana <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 11:39:47 -0600 (CST)
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1 - Check sqlnet.log for further details about this error.

2 - Do you have any max timeout values set in your listener.ora? This is very likely related to hitting such a limit.

3 - This error was for me the result of intermittent network latency issues. We later found out that a system-level backup was running every day around the same time these messages appeared. We worked around this by adding an additional network card to the machine and having the backup run against a separate IP.

Try to find out what is happening in your network environment and your database when these errors occur.

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Subject: Weird connectivity problem.

This is a 10g database (10.2) monitored through Grid Control. Every once in a while we get a TNS timeout on the EM side, and at the same time we get something like this in the listener log:

02-JAN-2009 21:04:45 * service_update * fcrsgx * 0
02-JAN-2009 21:08:30 * service_update * fcrsgx * 0
02-JAN-2009 21:08:30 * service_died * fcrsgx * 12547
TNS-12547: TNS:lost contact

02-JAN-2009 21:08:42 * service_register * fcrsgx * 0 02-JAN-2009 21:08:54 * service_update * fcrsgx * 0

Now, this outage is noted by CT.

We are opening an SR with Oracle Support, but they work VERY slow, so perhaps someone here has an insight into this problem.

Thanks all
Alan Bort
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