RE: Oracle/RAC installation problem

From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 18:45:06 -0500
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cluvfy should tell you what is wrong.  

If that comes up clean, check that the crs and voting disks are accessible from all nodes.  

Which listener is being used?  

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Subject: Oracle/RAC installation problem  

My advance apologies for the vagueness, but the DBA team doesn't handle Oracle software installations in our shop, so I haven't actually seen the specific error messages (and apparently no logfiles were produced).

I'll start by describing the environment. We have a 4-node Sun cluster, which is currently running an all-Oracle stack (no 3rd-party clusterware).

  • CRS: (upgraded several months ago from
  • ASM: ( was installed a few weeks ago, but that upgrade has not yet occurred)
  • DBMS:
All components were installed into separate ORACLE_HOMEs.

Now we're trying to install Oracle for DBMS use (once ASM is upgraded), and only 2 out of the 4 nodes are recognized as valid candidates... apparently the others are listed, but can't be selected. I'm told that both the 10gR2 and 11gR1 versions of the installer were tried, and that each exhibited this behavior. No such issues were encountered when installing for ASM recently, however.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Suggestions on were and/or how to begin troubleshooting this sort of issue would be most welcome.


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