CPUJAN2009 Patch Installation and Q/A

From: Greenlaw, Sam (N-Apex Systems) <"Greenlaw,>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:03:11 -0700
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We are doing the Solaris 7592346 patch with RHEL to follow. README leaves issues with Best Practices:  
  1. At what point should an Instance that is monitored with Grid Control be put in GC blackout ? Is this critical ?
    • Shutdown, blackout, backup, startup-and-apply-CPU procedures, post-apply work, backup, shutdown, end-blackout, startup ?
    • Guessing that an SA with some Oracle experience could be performing the patch work, can you recommend URLs that presents examples of CPU installations ?
  2. What do you like for an intuitive directory - OFA-happy - for storing the patch and its unzip ?
    • $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/patch is an obvious choice. $ORACLE_BASE/admin/patch is used, too. Preferences ???
  3. Finally, testing after a CPU cycle. We had a suite of RAT (Real Application Test) runs, back a bit. Is there anything recommended for a Best Practices suite, today, suitable for post-install testing ?


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