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Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 16:40:32 +0000
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Hi Maureen, thanks for clarifying that you will be deploying single-instance Oracle (not RAC) on a Veritas CFS with ServiceGuard - the bundling of the latter two products is called the HP ServiceGuard Cluster File System for Oracle, and is part of the HP ServiceGuard Storage Management Suite (HP SG SMS) family of products.

You are correct in assuming that you do not need to install Oracle CRS as part of your target stack. If you were to deploy Oracle RAC (releases 10g and later), then at that time you would need to install CRS.

It is highly recommended that you use Oracle Disk Manager (ODM) to significantly improve performance of your DB on the CFS (ODM is included for free) - for a detailed white paper on improving single-instance Oracle on ODM performance, and how to enable it, please see here -

Additional HP SG SMS documents can be located here - -> High Availability -> SG SMS. A shortcut is

In addition, the base ServiceGuard docs can be of help, particularly if you are transitioning from JFS/LVM to CFS/CVM - please see Chapter G in the "Managing ServiceGuard 15th edition" doc off -> High Availability -> ServiceGuard - shortcut is

I hope this helps! Thanks! Regards!

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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 13:53:55 -0900
From: Maureen English <> Subject: Re: Thoughts on crs installation on HP-UX

Thank you all for your responses. I passed your questions to the system administrator who came back to me today with some more info.

It looks like we really do not need to install crs since we are not using RAC. There is something in Service Guard that mentions RAC, (licensing?) so the system administrator read more into it and thought that we needed to install crs.

 From what I understand, Service Guard and Veritas (VxFS?) are giving us what we want, a clustered file system and the ability to control what node a service/application/database runs on. If a node goes down, the database will automatically come up on another node. It really is pretty basic.

If anyone is running Oracle on HP-UX, any comments about your setup would be most appreciated, especially if you are using Service Guard and/or Veritas...or even crs.

Thanks again for all of your comments!

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