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From: Stefan Knecht <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 17:17:07 +0100
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For something like this I would not worry about the metadata / # of objects at all, and simply go with duplicate database RMAN offers.



On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 5:10 PM, Michael Fontana <>wrote:

> Congratulations on doing your best to overcome what is an almost
> unimaginably bad design. However, I am sure many on this list have had to
> cut their teeth on one if not many of these. Some major applications (even
> those owned by Oracle) are also often needlessly complicated and make poor
> use of Oracle tablespaces, each in their own way (think SAP, Peoplesoft,
> Siebel, etc).
> The number of tables and indices you have make this an absolutely perfect
> situation for the use of transportable tablespaces and RMAN. It should be
> fairly straightforward and easy to script a refresh operation, but keep in
> mind you will have to use one of the export/import methods (classic
> export/import or datapump) to migrate metadata. Since this is a newer
> operation and your metadata will probably be quite large, it might be worth
> it to use the newer datapump features including multiple processes during
> migration over the LAN. I have used this quite awhile with no pitfalls
> except an occasional network glitch or unplanned outage. Still, using this
> method should DECREASE the amount of data you are migrating and mitigate
> such issues.
> On a final note are you saying that even the indices are in the same
> tablespace? While there are not as many reasons to so as there once was, I
> would consider rebuilding them in your production system and placing them in
> a separate tablespace as a manageability issue. It would make operations
> such as this much easier to accomplish. You might even consider putting
> larger indices in a separate tablespace from smaller ones for space
> efficiency. This should be fairly easy to accomplish with a phased approach
> over time, but of course would probably have to be scheduled during an
> outage window. Usually applications such as this make no reference to the
> tablespace where an index is located, but I have seen some that routinely
> drop and/or rebuild indices within application processes, so watch for that.
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> Environment: Enterprise DBs on RHEL 4.0 servers
> We use a 3rd party Student Information System (SIS) that (mis)uses an
> Oracle database to store over 176,000 tables and 275,000 indexes. Yes, it's
> a horrible design, but we've been stuck with it for years and have figured
> out how to manage nicely in spite of it.
> We refresh our Dev and Test databases weekly with the whole set of tables
> and indexes so our Developers have fresh meat to gnaw. For years we've done
> this via Export / Drop / Import - multiple jobs in parallel - because Prod
> and Dev / Test were on different OS's. Now we've finally got them all on
> the same OS and at the same 10gR2 level - was 9iR2 up through December.
> Exp / Drop / Imp works OK, but takes all day Sunday. We've been
> anticipating that Transportable Tablespaces would be the ticket for us,
> since the SIS stores all tables and indexes in a single tablespace. Plus,
> the SIS uses nothing but the plainest of vanilla datatypes and no fancy
> database features that would preclude us from using TT. I've perused the
> RMan docs on Transport Tablespace and it looks like we could do it.
> I do wonder if there are pitfalls for us, having over 450,000 segments in
> that single 88GB tablespace (11 x 8GB datafiles). Anyone have any positive
> or negative experience with something like this?
> BTW, I've also considered using Data Pump Import on the target DBs over DB
> Links back to Prod, but feel that would use such a huge amount of LAN / WAN
> bandwidth - especially since it'd have to be done for both Dev and Test -
> that impdp is not feasible for us. Any comments about that approach?
> Thanks.
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