RE: Oracle Context index returning inconsistent results

From: Robert Buda <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 13:22:02 -0500
Message-ID: <005401c97fe2$ff996830$1500a8c0_at_BudaConsulting.local>

>Is there any danger that 05 is being indexed as 5? in which case you could
>> SQL> select *
>>   2  from inventory
>>   3  where contains (title,'5:1254C') > 0

>Regards Nigel

I tried the suggestion above and did a bit more testing:

Remember, the actual value in the db is 05:1254C

Does not work:

	where contains (title,'5:1254C')
	where contains (title,'%05:1254C') 

	where contains (title,'%5:1254C')
      where contains (title,'05:1254C%')
	where contains (title,'%05:1254C%')

So it works when I put a wildcard at the beginning only if it replaces the zero. However, it always works when I put a wildcard at the end, even if I start the string with the zero. Another inconsistency.


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