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From: Hemant K Chitale <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 11:50:51 +0800
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At 08:17 AM Sunday, Guillermo Alan Bort wrote:

>Oh, and I'm taking 1Z0-043 in a few days, and as far as I remember,
>there is no topic on 'Actually Caring About CT'... in fact, I think
>you'll find that people at Oracle Support usually care more for
>procedures than actually helping CT.
>Sorry for the OT and flaming properties of this mail.
>In the end, I wouldn't let a CT burn (even though I might want to and
>actually say so), but I would charge them extra *if* I had warned
>Alan Bort
>Oracle Certified Associate

That is a very important point. Does any part of the formal training for OCP certification or do any of the examination questions emphasize the importance of business continuity, not in the "technical sense" (ie feasibility and modes) but in the *business* sense. When a person calls himself a "Certified Professional", what "Professional Responsibilities and Ethics" are tested before he is certified ? The word "Professional" has to mean something more than "Certified to have passed Technical Exams". Not all vendors have "professional" programs although they do have "certified engineer" programs.

On, in the midst of personal attacks and flame wars there have been thought provoking questions about what an "Engineer" is. Similar questions should be raised about what a "Certified Professional" is. I believe that a "Professional" isn't just someone who has completed a formal course of education and has been tested on that course. A "Professional" must, in addition to the "certification of having passed exams in technical knowledge" know of and apply certain standards of behaviour, expression and responsibility. I am not criticising any specific instances on oracle-l / / but expressing my disappointment with the usage of the word "Professional" in Oracle's Certification program.
Oracle seems to have taken a "convenient" or "easy" way to differentiate between two levels of examination -- one being Associate and the other being Professional, but I really am not comfortable with the usage of the label "Professional".

Hemant K Chitale

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