RE: Thoughts on crs installation on HP-UX

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Related to this thread only in thinking about why you might want crs in addition to the other stuff without RAC being used.

Is it possible they are preparing for clusteraware ASM so that even though you don't have RAC databases all the databases can share the underlying storage? (That is a question, not a recommendation pro or con.)

Even without deploying multiple instances, it may be the case that there is some reason to install clusteraware Oracle RDBMS software. For that to link correctly you need the true crs software rather than the standins provided for non-RAC non-crs installations. That might include a willingness to pay part of the "RAC TAX" to make a future move to multiple instances a smaller event. (Again, an observation, not a recommendation.)

I think all y'all (including your OS system admin, storage administrators, and operations manager) need to have a joint meeting to figure out what your strategy is overall and then figure out what component pieces of technology are to support that and try them out in your (ahem) test cluster configuration. Operational hilarity often results unless the whole team is aware of what Oracle's crs does and does not do.

I'm probably confused as to your incumbent technology stack and what you are trying to accomplish. One thing about crs is that if you're going to use it, then it works best to have that be the first oracle home you install on a machine, immediately after you run through the CRS and RAC "readiness" requirements, like user equivalence and seamless ssh without password stuff (and all the other things) amongst the hosts involved. I think there is broad agreement that it should get its own oracle home, but I'm willing to hear otherwise.

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