RE: Thoughts on crs installation on HP-UX

From: Matthew Zito <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 11:20:40 -0500
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I don't' know why you think RAC is required. According to the doc you pointed to:

"Oracle Clusterware can be installed and used to protect any Oracle or third-party software provided any of the following conditions are met:

  1. The software being protected is from Oracle.
  2. The software being protected uses an Oracle Database.
  3. The software being protected is running on Oracle Unbreakable Linux.
  4. The software being protected is running in a cluster where at least one machine involved in the cluster is licensed using the appropriate metric for either Oracle Database Enterprise Edition or Oracle Database Standard Edition."

It says "Any" of the conditions are met. RAC has nothing to do with any of these scenarios.


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As I think of it, you could indeed write your own resouces in the crs and use these to manage an active/standby database.

But according to the licensing rules you can't install crs on HP-UX without licensing rac.

Note: 220970.1 - RAC: Frequently Asked Questions (What are the licensing rules for Oracle Clusterware? Can I run it without RAC?) .htm#CIHDHFJB


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From: Matthew Zito [] Sent: vrijdag 23 januari 2009 14:53
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Actually, if you didn't want to pay for ServiceGuard, you could use CRS alone for either case: active-active (RAC), or active-passive. I'm not sure why you'd use SG+CRS if you're doing active/passive, since SG is by itself a perfectly respectable HA active/passive clustering solution.



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