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That's what I thought also.  

There is a distinction here. You have to use an Rman Repository equal to the Database software you are trying to back up. But the database that the repository lives in generally can be at another level.  

We have Rman repositories for databases versions,, and in a database.  

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I never thought it was that strict but thought maybe this changed with 11G but....  

I did a quick check and according to this link .htm  

If I understand this can use any database version > 9.0.1 for your catalog as long as you use the RMAN binaries from 11 and the catalog is created using those binaries.    


2009/1/21 Joan Hsieh <>

Hi Jared,

Right, this is what I thought, I was little confused by someone mentioned the upgrade catalog.



Jared Still wrote:          

        On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 12:51 PM, Joan Hsieh < <>> wrote:         

           Hi Listers,         

           I have a simple question which I couldn't find in the document right

	   away. Please bear with me.
	   We will have a 11g primary and 11g standby databases on
solaris, our
	   rman catalog is 10R2 on window, do I have to upgrade rman
	   database or just issue the upgrade catalog command will do
it, we
	   always keep the catalog database as same version or higher
than the
	   target db. But this time we have some issues to do that.
	RMAN will not allow you to register 11g databases in repository
built in a 10g database.         

        The repository must be at least as high a version of Oracle as the databases to be registered.         

        You can't upgrade the catalog to 11g unless the database is also 11g.         


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Jack van Zanen

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