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From: Ingrid Voigt <giantpanda_at_gmx.net>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 11:16:33 +0100
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Why don't you want the result to look like

pos_id case_id box_id

2               C1                  B2
2               C2                  B1
2                                     B3
2                                     B3

Is there an order or something hidden between case_id and box_id?

And where does B3 come from, it's not in the box table?


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Hi all..,  

This may be very simple but I guess I need experts help for the following in oracle 10g database :-  

select * from xx_case;  

pos_id case_id

2                C1

2                C2



select * from xx_box;  

pos_id box_id

2                B1

2                B2


The only common column between these two tables is pos_id.  

How do I write query from these two tables so that the output result would be  

pos_id case_id box_id

2               C1                  B1

2               C2                  B2

2                                     B3

2                                     B3



Thanks and Regards



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