Re: Question regarding Network ACLs in 11g DB upgrade

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XMLDB is on the regular database install disk. You may have installed it already. If you have an account called XDB or if you can describe resource_view then you have it installed. There is a view that will show if it's installed too, but off the top of my head I don't remember what it is called.

There is an Oracle XML DB Developers guide that will help you get started. It has a section on installing the product if you need to.


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Hi Freek,

Thanks for the quick response. I have read the upgrade documentation. Do you know where I can download XML DB install CD? Tried from OTN under DATABASE DOWNLOAD and could not find anything. Should I ignore the 'ACL' warning message and continue the upgrade, and then as post steps install XML DB, assign ACL to all the machine names which sysman needs to access and grant sysman the access?


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Problem is that in 11g the privileges on the "network" packages are now fine grained.
This means that you have to explicit grant privileges to the ip's you need to access.
For some reason, Oracle decided to store the access control lists in XML DB.
So yes, XML DB is required when using the ACL's. tm#UPGRD12493 tm#UPGRD12428


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